Who and What and Why

Our family has been through some change and lots of adventure over the last several years. Our current role is that of missionary family.  But we aren’t the “typical” missionary family you think of raising support, living in a third world country, preaching to the “natives.” Oh, we’ve done some of that.  We raised support to move to Nicaragua to work with Metanoia Missions International. We lived there for a year (June ’13-June ’14), and during that year we realized that our God-given gifts and skills were better utilized by the organization in the States where we can focus on the administrative and fund-raising aspects of our various ministries.  So we moved to Texas for a year, but that proved not to be the place where God wanted us long-term.  So, now we’re back home in PA again, picking up where we left off, with more life-experience and adventure under our collective belt.

One of our favorite spots in Nicaragua

Our family is uniquely designed.  I have been married to Dave for 14 years and am stepmom to two children who are now adults…woah!  I am mom to two more children, Luke and Sydney. I’m also a mom-in-law and soon-to-be Mimi! Life is crazy…crazy good!

Our growing family!

I have grown in ways that I never even knew I needed to grow in through the experiences of these past few years.  Many moments have been rough, challenging, and tantrum-inducing on occasion (me being the one throwing them). But I have learned so much about myself and some things about others and a lot about God and His love, mercy, and grace.  I want to share what I have learned to anyone who wants to listen, and if no one wants to listen, I at least want to record it so I can remember it with more clarity.  So here’s to my thoughts on life, for what they’re worth!