Snap Your Snack!

I recently stumbled upon an ingenious campaign started by Eat United Nicaragua to raise awareness and funds to eliminate food poverty and food waste at the same time! They’ve decided to combine two favorite pastimes of many people: eating and taking selfies and created the #SnapYourSnack campaign.  The next time you grab a snack, follow these steps to let the world…or at least your social media sphere of influence…know that everyone can help eliminate food poverty & food waste in the time it takes to snap a selfie with your favorite snack:

They have 14 days left to raise the $10,000 goal they’ve made. Let’s help ’em out! Find out more here.IMG_7929

  1. grab a snack & take a selfie
  2. make a $5 donation here
  3. take a screenshot of the email confirming your donation
  4. post the selfie & the screenshot to any and all of your social media accounts
  5. add the hashtag #SnapYourSnack
  6. tag 3 friends to challenge them to do the same

I did it!


*Disclaimer* I did not tag anyone on social media, because I don’t like to be called out on something when I am not led to give, so I don’t want to that to anyone else.  If you feel led to give, go for it.  There are many great organizations and people around the world who need help, so just give to somebody!