I Quit!

…quit giving up my time to wasteful activities, that is. I have made some worthy goals for myself this year, but my follow through has been derailed because of some time wasters I’ve identified and I’m done…done not reaching goals because I can sometimes be undisciplined in the use of the valuable minutes in the days gifted to me.

One huge time waster for me has been Facebook.  While it started out (years ago) as a way to keep in touch with many friends and contacts I’ve made throughout the years, it has turned into something for me to turn to when I have an idle moment.  Those idle moments can easily turn into idle half hours and whole hours and before I know it I have wasted who knows how many hours per week in an activity that really has no bearing on my life–it doesn’t help me get closer to reaching my goals, it doesn’t enhance my relationships, it only serves as a distraction from actually doing something productive for myself or for others.

I have found that although Facebook is supposed to be a way to connect with others, it has actually caused me (and I’m sure countless others) to not actually have to be involved in others’ lives. I can see what people are doing at any moment of the day and therefore it’s not really as necessary to pick up a phone to check up on someone, or schedule a lunch date to catch up, or any other number of things that would cause me to be more actively engaged in other people’s lives.  For an introvert  like me, that’s the way it is anyway.  It’s so easy to just “like” someone’s status or provide a comment, but I find that, for me, that’s not really connecting.  And, as an introvert, I’ve used Facebook as a cop out at times, when I actually need to make myself connect with people face to face, or voice to voice, or text to text.  For me, there’s just something much more personal about even a phone number to phone number text than a comment just posted among the many others. I need to disengage from Facebook in order to re-engage with the people who are important to me.

However, Facebook is also a way to stay informed. I follow many organizations that I want to keep up with and some areas I’m involved in use Facebook to advertise the latest happenings, so I don’t think I am going to go the route of deactivating my account…that would make it easier for me to stay off Facebook, but maybe it’s better that I work on my self-control.  The last several weeks it hasn’t been an issue for me anyway.  The desire to peruse my feed really isn’t there anymore.

I started the year with a goal to focus on joy in the every day by documenting daily moments of joy on social media, but I found myself not wanting to post every day, so I’ve decided to journal them (and maybe blog some) instead. The moments of joy are really for me to personally place my focus on, and hopefully I can share the highlights of what I’ve learned, rather than focusing on feeling like I’ve obligated myself to share daily posts.

my most recent #366momentsofjoy Instagram post

I do love me some Instagram though.  I find that I don’t get lost in an abyss there.  It’s simply scroll through and look at a few photos …it’s harder to overshare on Instagram and I find that most of the people I follow, and who follow me, are actually interested in my life, as I am in theirs. And I save my stupidity for my very few friends on Snapchat (mainly my fam), because sometimes I like to be silly, but not everyone appreciates my silliness, and my family basically has no choice but to put up with it.

So here’s to reading that book per week in 2016, working on my blog (the publicizing of which is another way that Facebook is actually helpful), and engaging more purposefully in important relationships.


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