I Write Because…

I am an introvert and introverts by nature do a lot of deep thinking and observation. Sometimes Often, I need to process my thoughts in other ways than mulling them over in my head. Sometimes I talk about them, but since I am mostly a stay-at-home mom and my husband works from home, the only person I often have to talk to is him, and, I love him, but let’s be honest, sometimes he just can’t listen like I need him to and he certainly doesn’t have the capacity to always hear and understand my musings. So I have come to love to write as another way to process.  And sometimes I find that my writings resonate with others.  Sometimes others can identify with what I am thinking and feeling and that is rewarding.  Also, at times I gain a different perspective after I have written things out and it helps me to look at those thoughts in a new way.

So I write…to process these thoughts in my head and to connect with others and to gain a new perspective, or expand upon my original one.

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